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A Perfect Circle
January 3, 2011, 11:02 pm
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Traveling apart from a significant other is always difficult. Like me, I’m sure many of you have experienced the challenges of this at some point or another.

Photo by Flickr user josef.stuefer (Creative Commons)

One of my closest friends who I met through VE Globalgave me some insight that fed my soul and will stick with me for the duration of my living years.  He told me I didn’t lose the relationship because once a relationship starts it never ends. Every relationship — friendship, romantic and the like — is circular. The relationship will inevitably change. It will rotate on a different axis, and may look and function completely differently, but nonetheless still go on existing.

It’s so comforting because this philosophy allows you to let go of the pain of feeling like you’ve lost someone forever.  It doesn’t eliminate the pain or make you miss them any less. It simply allows you to find comfort in knowing that just because the relationship has changed drastically, it doesn’t eliminate or negate what you shared nor does it mean the relationship will always look this way.

It isn’t some amazing new revelation but it has certainly provided me with a more comforting way to look at lost relationships and look forward to what lies ahead.


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Do you remember when you were a child. When you were to kinder garden or primary, maybe hight school, I’m sure that you had a very good friend and you called him/her BFF (best friend forever) but for some reason at the moment you don’t keep in contact with your BFF and when you will be older it will happen more frequently.

Yes, relationships ends. When you draw a circle in a paper always it starts and it ends. But don’t worry, when it ends you don’t have the pain of feeling like you’ve lost someone forever.

Relationships exists to learn something from another person or to pay a debt. No every circle ends in your life and no every circle is perfect.

When a circle is more little it would be more perfect.

Comment by coto

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